Until We All Belong

Everybody deserves to belong somewhere. Everybody belongs to somebody.

Gay by birth, fabulous by choice

International Norms, Democracy, and LGBTQ Rights

In this website, you are going to find a lot of information about the
LGBT and LGBTQ rights.

Civil Unions

Western democracies without marriage equality

Everybody should be able to marry the one they deserve to be with. Love is equal. Love triumphs above all.
made for each other

Same-sex marriage

01 / Wedding Band

You can find a wedding bands for your loved one and, we will have a lot of options.

02 / cultural diversity

You can find out all about the kind of cultures that are involved.

03 / sexual partnership

If you are having any queries, this is the best place to ask.

Marriage Equality

Global Comparisons

You can find a lot of LGBT members who have shared their stories about marriage equality.

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Marriage Equality

Surprising Facts About Marriage Equality

Marriage is a human right. However, some communities had to fight more for it than others. This is where the right to marriage becomes more important than ever. In addition …
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Ways To A Better Sex

Ways To A Better Sex

Maintaining a healthy sex life is in everybody’s life. It enhances a romantic relationship and brings our partners closer. However, there are a lot of things that you must keep …
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